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Almont Park

Each human being has the right and the obligation to access to human knowledge, acquired and developed from generation to generation. His right is the external force which he must exercise and put into practice! His obligation is the internal path which he must take in order to cultivate his will! As a companion, the Mobitouch® is made to facilitate these double travels which in action are making only one. This daily service constitutes its primary dimension.

The Human spirit is not separate from the nature. Human behavior is linked to environment he has to face, including bad experiences he has to overcome or joy he does feel. Life is a bit of time to learn to love across these experiences. Each human being is unique and his itinerary is precious to all. This is the second dimension of the Mobitouch® which allow to value experience of individuals to the benefit of all.

The third dimension of the Mobitouch® is the most important; it shows that there is in each of us a small light coming from the past which always gives the opportunity of self reconstruction. This hope is born from the love in movement created by life.

All lives are making one in love which unifies them.

Dominique A. DAVID, President.

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