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Presentation of participants

Cercle de Réflexion des Nations

"Since the end of cold war, the nature of conflicts has changed. Conflicts are becoming much more complex and find their causes within each country's strains while violence comes from multiple areas (economic, social, religious, ethnics, etc.) In this context, the traditional diplomacy relying on relationships between nations need to be sustained by organizations that are directly connected with the specific character of the conflicts and have an in-depth understanding of local situations.

To facilitate the role of UNITED NATIONS peacekeeping operation forces, the international community needs leaders with relevant skills based on a strong culture of peace associated with an involvement in the field as well as hospital facilities to take care of people who are suffering around the world.

In this context The Cercle de Réflexion was inaugurated on July 25th, 1994 at the United Nations Headquarters. Its aim is to propagate the United Nations philosophy of peace and to intervene in favour of any action likely to promote peace, by glorifying the magnanimity and nobility of humankind as well as the defence of our earth.

The Cercle de Réflexion is today an International Organization supported by governments and is about to become an Inter-Governmental Organization after the signature of the new Charter by the Member States of the United Nations."

Almont Park

“Initially, Almont Park was the specific name of a real estate project located in the north area of a French city closed to Paris. This real estate project aims to set up a group of people and businesses involved into the development of the “Convergence” project. This project is based on a disruptive technology which allows a computer to read and understand text written in natural language as a human does . Using this disruptive technology, we are planning to create an intelligent search engine.

That search engine will be progressively integrated into a pocket size electronic architecture in order to manufacturer a digital companion, the MobiTouch® . It will be able to assist each one of us according to our own rhythm and our proper choices in the discovery of human knowledge. According to our strategic alliance with CRN, we decided to serve poorest people in the world. Today, Almont Park becomes the generic name of group of people and businesses committed to the Convergence project whose application will be developed in various high-tech areas in France and in Switzerland.

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